Ömer Mirdemir



He was born in 1989 in the Mazıdağı district of Mardin. Between 2006 and 2008 he left the Department of Physics at Dicle University after two years of study and finished the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Caucasus. In 2011, he was appointed to the Foça State Hospital. In the same year, Dokuz Eylül University moved to the Painting Department. Graduated from the painting department in 2015. In 2017 Mugla Ünıv. G.S.F Pain started in high disruption in the main disruption branch and continues to work in İzmir self-workshop. He has had mixed and personal exhibitions both at home and abroad

Artistic view

In order to be a new form of search in art, we try to create a narrative based on our own existence and cultural history.

Art is not just a hand skill but an intelligence and experience. A real artistic actor influences the viewer and activates his emotions at the same time providing a consequent utilitarianism and production.

In the pragmatic plane, minimalism is a conscious choice and choosing the hard one. Artworks are a clear idea and should not be put in front of the viewer; he is an individual who is self-educated enough to try to see what he can see yesterday. Only the artwork itself, by its very nature, must acquire a social, scientific and progressive path that leaves open the door to the creation of clear and pluralistic ideas that are far removed from the blur without being overlooked. These are important things that we have today and that are valuable to us.

It is a plain but non-simple understanding of beauty. Art is the only true defense of the basic life, with a progressive, intuitive, new look that sheds light on the true meaning of art life, and is a service to humanity.

What are the stories telling you

The works are transforming everyday life into a dimensional form, shaping it with a moving picture surface that changes by utilizing dimensional, aesthetic, visual motion, reflections, light and colors.

Since the mobility of the surface and light is variable, it leaves open the door to interpretation and interpretation of meaning and characterization.

Transitions in the color scale symbolize the beginning and ending (birth and end). Focus-centered color transitions symbolize the power of the distinctive individual and the management of the populer with the centralized focal mechanism.

The works bring clarity and definitions to the instant situation, producers, utilitarian tendencies and symbolic examples.


- 8. Bazaart Painting Exhibition, Istanbul, 2018

-Artist 27th Istanbul Tuyap Art Fair, 2017

- 7th Egeart Art Days, 'mixed opening exhibition', 2017 

- Korart gallery mixed painting exhibition, Adana, 2016

- Artist 26th Istanbul Tuyap Art Fair , 2016

- Artist 25th Istanbul Tuyap Art Fair, 2015 

- Mehmet Nuri Göçen Fine Arts Faculty Painting Competition Exhibition, Aydın, 2015 

- Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum "self-made"

- 'Human Wishes' International Exhibition of Mixed Painting and Sculpture, Istanbul, 2015 

- İzmir 3rd Art Biennial, 2015 - Kocaeli 5th Earthquake Symposium Exhibition, 2015 

-Deü Gallery September mixed painting exhibition, İzmir, 2015 

-Seyfi Demirsoy Hospital Painting Exhibition, İzmir 2015 

- Umbria Jazz Festival Painting Exhibition, Italy, 2014 

- Academia Nazionale Della Civetta Personal Painting Exhibition, Italy, 2014

- 1. Naousa International Exhibition of Mixed Art, Greece, 2014 

- Buca Culture Palace Mixed Painting Exhibition, İzmir, 2014 

- Dokuz Eylül University September Gallery Personal Painting Exhibition, İzmir 2014 

- Foca Castle Five Gates 3rd Mixed Painting Exhibition, İzmir, 2011

- McArt.ist CLICHE Exhibition - Decozone İzmir,2018


- Mehmet Nuri Göçen Painting Competition of Fine Arts Faculty Mention Award, 2015 

- İzmir 3rd Art Biennial Jury Special Prize, 2015