McBDC Partners Advisory firm was founded in 2005 by Dr.Cem Bülent Ünal. McBDC is a business development company and strategic managerial consulting outsourcing provider that specializes in assembling and managing teams of highly skilled advisors who will augment your in-house adding value resources by their business models, strategies and plans worldwide. 

McBDC Partners provide the major initiatives taken by senior level decision makers on behalf of stakeholders, involving resources and performance in external environments, entails specifying the organization’s mission, vision and objectives, developing strategies & plans, and then allocating resources to execute the policies and plans, projects and programs.



Gama Art Gallery was founded in 2009 by Şule Claire Altıntaş. The gallery aims to bring together various forms of artistic expression and this culminates in frequent exhibitions spanning the disciplines of painting, multimedia art, conceptual art and performance.

Gama Art Gallery specialized in contemporary art consultancy and experts to provide know how for private collectors, companies in collecting national and international contemporary art.

Gama’s roster is a mixture of established and emerging European, North American, and Turkish artists. It aims to create opportunities and pave the way for these emerging artists in Turkey. Furthermore, Gama aims to contribute to the Turkish contemporary art scene by exhibiting artists from North America and Europe in Istanbul. This not only brings a positive element to the different approaches to contemporary art in Istanbul, but also creates an exchange of artistic ideas and cultural nuances.

Due to this fact, Gama Art Gallery creates and operates the highest quality art projects in a scope of working with outstanding artists to develop contemporary art collections, comprehensive art and cultural strategies.

With its focus being its contributions to the Turkish contemporary art scene, Gama further aims to bring this idea of artistic exchange to an international level.



UNIQ EXPO was established by Alper Eyüboğlu in the new generation culture and arts and life center UNIQ İstanbul in 2017.

UNIQ EXPO target; art, cultural events and exhibitions.


Leonardo Da Vinci: Dahi İstanbul 2017

Joan Miro Litografi 2018

Antonio Nunziante “Penser l’image et peindre la pensée” 2018

Cezeri: The genius of universal science 2019



FORTE Urban Technology was established in 2014 under the name of Forte Advanced Technology, to provide services with the technological needs that developed in the field of IT, with the professional service understanding.

We are working to meet the technological needs of the cities and to improve the quality of life of the people from the day it was founded by effective and innovative solutions and offering the use of our developped mobile applications.

Interactive & Design Studio Content Provider



X House Project is a company formed under the realization from the lack of freedom in self-expression of individuals within their social daily life of the modern age. Daily monotonous routines and errands may offer people the possibility to strive within their careers and enlarge their yearly salaries, but within all the hustle and rush-hours people tend to lose perspective in what actually makes us human...our soul. It is free will and self-expression that enlighten our spirit and improve our characters. Sharing mutual proactive and productive moments with others, enhance our understanding of our community and self-being.

X House Project offers artists and individuals the space and opportunities to empower their talents, character and network. An environment that provides a multidisciplinary activities within diverse fields such as art, readings and even wine tasting. 

As an artists project, X House offers the possibility for people create new networks and services for corporate companies to strengthen their teams or employees relationships and community.

X House Project is workshop for all who seek creativity and humble sincerity.