Fatih Simsek



He was born in Bartın in 1992. He completed his primary and high school education in Bart and entered Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2010. He participated in in-school and non-school exhibitions and other arts events. In 2014-2015 student exchange program, He graduated from the Yalçın Karayagız atoll in the spring of 2016.

Artistic view

The deformation of the human perceptions in the historical process is formed by the attainment of consciousness of the concepts of Nature and Aesthetics among primitive human beings.

What are the stories telling you

He makes the images he used in the picture a figurative symbol and express it with difficult irregular shapes. By using random brush strokes and reflecting images that he uses on a two-dimensional plane, He incorporates the story into the story of the atmosphere and break it from the real space, which is the main idea of his paintings.


- Izmir Birgi Workshop 2013

- Wall painting, papier-mache decoration, graffiti 2013

- Film set, Decoration work 2012/2014/2016

- Tuyap Istanbul Art Fair, 2013

- Chalabi Art Gallery, Bazaart mixed exhibition 2014

- Venue and Fiction, Angel's Egg Mixed Exhibition 2014

- Ipek Ahmet Merey Painting Exhibition 2014

- Erasmus Exchange Program, Poland (Warsaw) 2014-2015

- A Selection from Today, Harmoni Art Gallery, Engraving Group Exhibition 2015

- Ipek Ahmet Merey Painting Exhibition 2016

- Tuyap Istanbul Art Fair 2017
- Depths Art Gallery mixed exhibition 2018


- Ipek Ahmet Merey Painting Competition, Achievement Award 2016
- Ipek Ahmet Merey Painting Competition  Achievement Award 2014