Serhat Alparslan




Born in Istanbul in 1994. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul and entered Kocaeli Fine Arts University in 2014. He participated in mixed school and non-school mixed exhibitions and other art events. 2018 spring semester Yasemin Sarıbayer's workshop continues to be licensed.

Artistic View

Hypnosis is a wave of timelessness. The state of being unable to see is the state of being blind with the eyes that see. We see the world, the universe, everything in our perception world has a counterpart, but there is no depth.

What are the stories telling you

Since we were born under the influence of hypnosis when we thought we were seeing an uncertain time and place, we come to the world conditionally to be abstracted. Death is the strongest mental conditioning and trance that draws from the effect of hypnosis. At the same time it is a heritage that leads to the same path, it is neither a hell nor a paradise. This miracle can not be distinguished as long as it does not hit the ground. Our self-decaying bodies have the same end and beginning.


-Kocaeli Fine Arts Faculty Karma 2 Paintings Exhibition 2015

-Kocaeli Fine Arts Faculty Mixed Painting Exhibition 2016

-Istanbul Beşiktaş, La Visione Art Gallery Painting Exhibition 2017

-Kocaeli Fine Arts Faculty Mixed Engraving Printing Exhibition 2018